Wall Of Ice – Echoes (FFHR009)

Only 500 copies - All individually numbered - Black vinyl, 180 grams


Release date: december 14th 2018

For #FFHR009, we stayed in Scandinavia. Norway, to be more precise. That is where Wall of Ice (Sebastian Waldejer) made an enormous impression.
After 10 years of touring with some of Norway’s best known musicians (including Thomas Dybdahl), Sebastian figured it was time for some solo-stuff. Echoes EP contains 8 widespreaks, melancholic songs. Besides Dybdahl, we also hear some Radiohead influences from time to time. Let Sebastian carry you away with the wonderful sounds of Echoes EP.

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  • Side A
    1. Comin’ At You Now
    2. Wall Of Ice
    3. Smoke Is Rising
    4. Last Hangover

    Side B
    1. Heading Towards The End
    2. Turn Around
    3. Echoes
    4. 2nd Wave