The Halo Trees – Antennas To The Sky (FFHR011)

Only 500 copies - All individually numbered - Transparent red vinyl, 180 grams


Release date: 14 june 2019

FFHR011 finds its origin in 2016, in one of Berlin’s rougher parts. That’s where Sascha Blach started The Halo Trees. His vision? Deep, melancholic, soothing. Several years later, Antennas To The Sky is the bands first full length LP. And if you ask us, the perfect soundtrack for vinyl. We hear influences of Bowie, The National, Nick Cave and Tindersticks.
So sit tights and let the deep bass frequencies, catchy violin and Sascha’s sonorous, warm vocals take control of you!


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  • Side A
    1. King Of Frowns
    2. Bullet For Peace
    3. Don’t Belong
    4. The Violent Words
    5. Mysterious Girl

    Side B
    1. Hipsters & Whores
    2. Nightmare Coming True
    3. Secret Hideaway
    4. WideWideWorld
    5. When The Storm Comes