One Week Wonder – Mars [EP] (FFHR005)

Only 500 copies - All individually numbered - Black vinyl, 180 grams


Release date: June 26, 2017
One Week Wonder is the next big thing from Iceland. Yes, Iceland. The tiny country with the extremely rich history (and future) in music. Our three guys from One Week Wonder are inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricono and Air. They prefer to record their tracks on an old-skool, 24-track tape recorder. This sound has already led them to perform at SXSW, Icelandic Radio, Airwaves Festival and we are extremely proud to release their debut album on vinyl with Final 500 Records.

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    Side A
    1. Angel Eyes
    2. Korea
    3. Mars
    4. Shadows

    Side B
    1. Free as a Bird
    2. Vestri
    3. Blue Sky (acoustic)