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  • Our most recent release, “Antennas To The Sky” from The Halo Trees, delivered to your doorstep;
  • If you subscribe now, you will also receive one of our first releases (of your choice), completely free;
  • The guarantee you’ll receive our future releases for €19,95 per record. Let us surprise you with great new music;
  • A €5 discount on all our releases (both previous as well as future);
  • Future benefits for our members (discounts on other records, equipment and shows).

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    Good question! In order to give you an idea what we (Harm en Bas) listen, it’s best to have a look on our long-running new music blog, Gobsmag (it’s in Dutch, but scrolling and clicking through it, you’ll get the picture). It’s there that we tip a new, exciting bands every weekday. And for convenience, we also keep a Spotify Playlist with all the tracks we’ve written about over the last couple of years.

    –> Gobsmag playlist in Spotify

    Wanna know what our previous releases where like?

    We can’t stress enough that you don’t pay a Final 500 Records Membership a year ahead. We will withdraw € 19,95 (plus a small fee for shipping) from your bank account, a couple of weeks prior to every release (with a maximum of four releases a year). Naturally, we will notify you by e-mail up front. And then you just need to sit back and wait for the next exclusive record to drop on your doorstep.

    You can cancel your membership at any moment, just drop us an e-mail. We do have a notice period of one release. So after handing in your notice, you still pay for the upcoming record (which you also receive of course).

    Still got some questions? Please don’t hesitate to mail us at

    Awesome! And the good news, it’s incredibly simple: you can purchase your Final 500 Records lidmaatschap via PayPal of Creditcard. After that, we will immediately ship our latest release (The Halo Trees – Antennas To The Sky) and your choice for the free welcome gift.

    So for € 19,95 you will receive:

    • A Final 500 Records membership;
    • The exclusive Final 500 Records EP “Antennas To The Sky” from The Halo Trees (FFHR011), shipped to you asap;
    • A free LP from our back catalog (as a welcome gift);
    • The guarantee that you will automatically receive our new releases

    Any questions?? See our FAQ or mail us at

  • Free LP

    FFHR001 – Revere, FFHR002 – Crying Boys Cafe, FFHR003 – Satellites, FFHR004 – Trip To Dover, FFHR005 – One Week Wonder, FFHR006 – Stillwave, FFHR008 – Arvid Nero, FFHR009 – Wall Of Ice, FFHR010 – Bonnie Cried

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