Arvid Nero – Mother Earth (FFHR008)

Only 500 copies - All individually numbered - Black vinyl, 180 grams


This time, we travelled all the wat to Scandinavia. To Sweden, to be precise. That is where Arvid Nero blew us away with his deep, powerful and soulful voice. Mother Earth is his first solo-record (after his time with The Magnolia, with which he won a Scandinavian Soul Award), immediately on 180 grams and limited vinyl. Let his voice, lyrics and Sam Cooke-vibe carry you away.

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  • Side A
    1. Mother Earth
    2. Jesus Knocking
    3. Rainbow Colored Eye
    4. Bored With Clay
    5. Grandpa

    Side B
    1. Underground
    2. Primitivo Bar
    3. Run On
    4. Desert Woman in Blue