Collect new music on vinyl

Join our vinyl club Final 500 Records and receive an exclusive, 12″ vinyl record of an upcoming artist or band (3 to 4 times a year). Only 500 copies per release; each one individually numbered, with consistent Final 500 Records artwork and pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Enrich your collection with our unique records!

4 reasons to subscribe to Final 500 Records

1. Discover new and exciting music

We are here to support acts that deserve to be heard. We help them grow their audience with an exclusive release on our vinyl-only label. Let us surprise you with new and exciting bands.

2. Receive exclusive releases

Each of our records is a piece of art! 12″, 180 grams and each copy is individually numbered (1 to 500). So by subscribing, you make sure to receive a true collector’s item each time we release one.

3. Discounts on each record

Our members receive a € 5 discount on each release, meaning you only pay € 19,95 per record. Furthermore, you’ll also receive a discount on shipping.

4. Support the bands and musicians

We are here in order to release beautiful records, not to make a profit. Hence, artists keep their full copyright and are the only ones to profit from revenue generated through iTunes, Spotify, radio play etc.

What do our members say?

How does it work?

1. Subscribe to Final 500 Records

That’s enormously simple. Just click ‘Subscribe’ in the menu bar  and purchase a membership for € 19,95. After that, we’ll immediately ship our most recent release right to your doorstep.  And by becoming a member, you are guaranteed to automatically receive our future releases for the same amount.

2. We look for new and exciting music

We are always looking out for new, awesome music. Music that we feel deserves a bigger stage. We press, once and for all, 500 copies and hand-number them. These new records automatically ship to our members. So basically, you just need to sit back and wait for the new records to be delivered to your doorstep.

3. New music on your turntable

The moment is there, the new record is delivered to your doorstep. Carefully open the packaging, take the record out of it’s sleeve and drop the needle. The first tunes to a new and unknown song. Wow, who is this band?  Happy spinning!

Our 6 releases so far