Let us surprise you with new music & expand you record collection

Final 500 Records is a vinyl club. Three times a year, we press an exclusive 12″ LP (180 gram) especially for our members. All our members automatically receive each new release. We only press 500 (numbered) copies per release. Truly a collectors item! Costing only € 19,95- per LP (and a small fee for international shipping). 

If you become a member today, you will not only receive our latest release, but can also choose a free release out of our catalog.

Why should I subscribe?


Discover new bands / singer-songwriters, carefully selected for our members. Acts from all over the world, that make our heart go a little bit faster. You will discover your new favourite bands with Final 500 Records!


Each record we release is uniek: songs that have never been released before, limited editions of only 500 numbered copies and recognisable artwork. Truly a collectors item and a fantastic addition for your beautiful record collection!


Each record is a true piece of art, carefully crafted with all the love and passion in the world. 180 grams vinyl, consistent look & feel and including alternative cover art. A series that can and will be seen in your record collection!


Quality also goes for delivery. We carefully pack and ship our records in protective cardboard and all our prices include UK delivery. Members only pay €19,95 per release, that’s it!


We believe in flexibility and trust. That is why we do not work with annual subscriptions. With us, you just pay per release and you have  the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time!


We believe that musicians should be rewarded for their creativity and craftsmanship. That is why our bands remain full owner of their copyrights and collect 100% of the revenue earned through airplay, syncs and streaming!

What do our members say?

Final 500 Records, a truly independent record label, releasing quality records purely out of their passion for great music and vinyl. A must for each and every true music enthusiast, looking for those great additions to your record collection, outside of pop musics mainstream.
testimonial author
I chose to subscribe since these guys only press 500 copies per release. Each time, it's a surprise what i'll receive. Great choices of music, sleeves made of quality cardboard and definitely worth its money
testimonial author
Each release is a surprise and not for sale anywhere else. I haven't received any disappointing releases so far. Furthermore, I'm really excited about the uniformity in artwork, we're building a unique series of vinyl records that look great in my collection.
testimonial author
Edgar Kruize

How does it work?


Easily done online. Simply add the Membership (via ‘Subscribe’ in the top navigation) to your basket and checkout. As from that moment, you are a member of Final 500 Records. You will immediately receive our latest release. And all new releases will be shipped to you automatically, including free shipment.


We look for quality and exciting new bands to release. Bands we feel deserve a bigger stage. We press – one time only – 500 copies and do that exclusively for our members. You can expect new tracks that have never been released before, recorded by very promising artists. Also good to note, we automatically withdraw the membership fee from your account and do that just shortly before you will receive our newest release. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?


And then, the moment is there. Our newest released is being delivered to your doorstep. Carefully remove the packaging, take the record out of its beautiful sleeve and place it on your turntable. Sit back and listen to the first tunes of an unknown but promising musicians. Wow, who is this? Closely inspect the artwork and and enjoy the ride

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